I passed first time with Always Driving

I passed first time with AlwaysDriving. Chris was such a patient instructor and taught me everything I needed to know - I couldn't recommend him enough. The service was excellent and he was always able to work around my schedule and timings. Honestly super pleased with the lessons I've had from him despite the Covid pandemic. 10/10


Outstanding Professional !!!

Chris, is a outstanding professional as a driving instructor, he had so much patience with me and help me all the time with advises and pushing me during all my classes. I really recommend this company to build your confident and for sure he is going to help you to pass your test.

Thank you Alwaysdriving for this experience and for all the confidence


Analia Demuru

Very supportive and encouraging

Chris my driving instructors was very professional, encouraging me during my driving lessons enven at the last day he kept encouraging me that i am a good drive. This gave me a positive thoughts and made me feel no stress on the test day. I am so happy that i pass my driving test for the first time with always driving school and i thank God for knowing this school.

Blanche Omombo

Always driving for life

Chris has been supportive from the start all the way to the end. I’d recommend him to anyone as the lessons are always fun and made me feel comfortable as well as confident on the road. He’s an excellent and patient instructor.
I passed first time all thanks to Chris!


I passed first time

I can say by far this is probably the best company I’ve been with, I’ve had previous driving instructor but Chris was the best . I had 18 hours with Chris and I passed first time . Chris taught me different things and he teaches you a lot on your first lesson. I felt comfortable going on the main roads with Chris but with my previous instructor i didn’t. I just felt more relaxed.


I can honestly say this is the best company I’ve been with, I’ve gone to 2 others in the past having 20 lessons between the and barely learnt a thing! With @alwaysdriving I learnt so much on my first lesson,i was taken on to main roads and felt so confident.. with the other companies I have been to I feel
Very nervous and uncomfortable but now I don’t feel much pressure with my new instructor and I don’t feel like he’s telling me off, he made it clear that I’m only a learner and I’m allowed to make mistakes.. hearing that made me much more relaxed.

Shanai laronde

Best in the business

Chris was a wonderful instructor. It was a very pleasant and quality learning experience. Felt relaxed with calm conversation while learning from a clearly experienced teacher helping me to pick up on weak spots and improve my driving. I strongly recommend for anyone looking to pick up some lessons.

Jamie G


Driving with Chris has been a good experience, learnt so much in a short amount of time, which gave me the confidence to pass, could not ask for a better instructor 10/10 and would definitely recommend him.

Darren Blackstock

Made it happen!!

I have been learning to drive for about 5years. I was able to drive but my nerves would always hinder me. I’ve had so many test so many instructors that I thought would help me and never did. I happened to come across AlwaysDrivingSchool and had my lessons with Chris and he was friendly, patient and helped me get to where I needed to be to pass.
Thank God I passed first time with AlwaysDrivingSchool. I 100% recommended this company to build your confidence push you to pass your test.


Professional & the best in the business

The service that was provided is very professional, they teach you to the highest level in order to pass your practical test. I am really happy that i chose Always driving because it helped me to pass from the first time with only just a mistake!


Leonidas Kousta

A very caring instructor

The instructor was willing to go the extra mile by helping me in his free time.

Maksaud Ahmed

Miracle worker!

Took a break from driving before I started taking lessons with Chris. He helped me become not just a good driver but a confident one too. What I liked the most about him was that he made sure I learnt from my mistakes and thoroughly went through what I needed to do to ensure It didn’t happen again. Honestly he’s the best in the business!!! I passed first time with Chris with only 6 lessons!


Patient, Effective, Motivated

Just when I was on the verge of giving in to a life dedicated purely to Oyster Cards, along came Chris.
He pushed me to my fullest despite the attitude I get when I’m wrong lol. He wouldn’t let me quit and always ensured that I knew I was capable. Chris, like not many other instructors I’d had before is also quite young and relatable, making me feel more relaxed.
He has a clear passion for what he does and I would recommend him to everyone, whatever ability.

Thank you Chris

Christelle Gogoa


I’ve struggled with my driving for the past few years and failed a few times and at one point I gave up on it all together, Until I was recommended Always driving. From the first lesson with Chris everything just clicked, he connected the dots for me. He explained and demonstrated all the jargons that I didn’t understand. In such a short period of time, he pushed me and helped me build up confidence that I didn’t think I had. Chris is an example Instructors, very patient, he’s funny, and very passionate about his work, what I loved about most was that he doesn’t sugar coat anything. (In a nice way) I wish they’re was more instructors like him he’s truly the best in the business.


Always Driving for life !!!

Had the best of times with Chris in lessons. The lessons were always enjoyable and comfortable. Great teacher, kept me calm before the test and an excellent instructor. I highly recommend.


Ben Suma

We made history!

I've had 3 previous instructors, but non better than the forth and final one. The service I received from Chris was unparalleled - the instructions were clear and detailed enough to understand but not too much to follow. Because I was under the tutelage of Chris, I have passed with only 10 lessons 2 hours each; 3 of them were just for road experience.

Straight 11/10
The experience was made fun and have only good things to say about Chris - Thank you. You cool people, bruh.

Now I'm 'Always Driving'

Koy Makanga

The service I received from this company has been highly professional! When I started with this company I had already failed four practical driving tests and had lost all confidence in driving. Chris was able to support me in rebuilding my confidence by always encouraging me and believing in me! I can honestly say this company is very skilled and equipped to support anyone to pass their practical test! I am forever grateful and will ALWAYS be DRIVING!


I'm now always-driving

This was the best driving lesson service I received. A young down to earth brother from the local area. Complete value for money. I learnt skills that I will take with me through the rest of my life when driving. I'll always hear that voice in my head to correct me, cause it was drilled into me by this intelligent and gifted guy. You truly made me put in the hard work for it to only pay off. I've reached my goal and you know the tough challenges I went through to achieve it.

Always driving is the best!

Thank you.

I passed!


Simply the best

A young boy who did not have a clue about how to drive manual cars, to becoming a safe and reliable driver on the road. Thank you Chris for your support and encouragement as well as giving me feedback at the end of every lesson, helping me to improve and reflect on my mistakes. I would 100% recommend Chirs to anyone, his lessons are never boring and there is always banter. Today I have mastered a life skill that I will have with me for life. #AlwaysDriving.

Afzal Hussain

Really easy to understand lessons

My name is huimin! I pass my driving test today! I am today! so happy and want to thanks Chris! I got two instructors in My whole Lessons! At beginning, my instructor is not help me to learn in detail! But When I meet Chris, I just feel I am not so nervous to learn! Because I can understand what he say! Chris know how to teach and what I need to know! I really recommended Chris to anyone who want to learn driving! Thanks Chris!

Huimin cai

Three words, professional, excellence and results.. I will recommend always driving school at anywhere and anytime. Well done Chris. Really appreciate.


great teacher

While learning to drive with always driving I've had the best year of my life. Chris not only made lessons fun and informative but boosted my confidence as a driver and as a person. Chris has been a superb teacher with a lot of patience. I'd recommend always driving to ANYONE learning how to drive.

Reece Sesstein

Best driving company ever

I would like to thank Chris B for being an excellent Driving teacher. Explains everything clearly made driving enjoyable. Every lesson was fun with him.
I passed my test and with only 4 minors.
Thank you Chris for making me a good driver.
Regards Preeti Audit

Preeti Audit

Best Driving Instructor

Chris is an amazing driving instructor. He is very patient and thorough. The lessons were well thought of and he would concentrate on the weak areas identified from last lesson and then make me practice to improve. After every lesson , he would give a feedback on the performance and take feedback from me on the lesson so I could access my progress with each lesson. After failing the test with another instructor 3 years ago , I was referred to him by a friend. Chris helped me regain my confidence in driving and get over my fear of roundabouts and hill stops. Thanks to him, I was able to pass the test in first attempt!

Kanika K

Ticks all the boxes

From day one I always felt at ease with Chris and that really helped me to be able to gain all the skills necessary to pass my exam. We had our ups and downs like everybody else does but at the end of the day it was all worth it. I would definitely recommend Chris as an instructor to anyone looking for one for high quality lessons. Now thanks to him I will be always driving!

William Sousa

Always Driving, 100% Efficiency!

When I first started my lesson I was so nervous, I always used to think "am I really going to know how to drive?" But Chris was always so helpful, as I progress with the lessons I became more and more comfortable and at ease. He always encouraged me and made me feel confident in my driving. His perseverance to help me gave me the strength to carry on and pass my driving test. It was an abouslute pleasure to have chris as my instructor as he really did help me and i do believe he is one of the best instuctor out there. I am very glad i got chris as my instructor and i wish him the best.


Always driving %100

When I first started taking lessons I was nervous but Chris made me feel comfortable instantly he worked on every aspect of my driving turnt my weaknesses into strengths and I got better each and every lesson and I couldn’t thank him enough for everything

Stanley Green


Learning to drive with always driving has been one of the best and will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Chris made this experience very straight forward and enjoyable! I’m ever so grateful for this, thank you x1000 Chris!



The Best!

Chris is the best person you could learn from. I have had plenty of driving instructors before and neither compares to him. He has the most paitence and is easy to learn from.
I would recommend him over and over again!
Thanks Chris for teaching me...never thought I was going to pass my test, let alone on the 1st try!! Couldn’t ask for anyone better!!! ?

Leedine Thompson

Could not have done it without him

Chris is definitely second to none, his positive attitude and reassuring manner kept me going on countless occasions. He is patient, calm and always makes you feel at ease.

The best instructor I have come across with the best banter you could think off. With his guidance he led me to success. Thanks to Chris I will Always be Driving' !!!

Leah Aikens

Worth every penny !

When I came to Chris I couldn't even remember how to start a car.. and he got me to pass first time after 13 lessons ! Even though at times I felt like killing him, he showed me patience, kindness and jokes like no other. I'm thankful to him for every minute and wouldn't change a thing. If you're looking to pass your test first time and have a professional and supportive instructor, Chris is the one to go to!

Djanira Pereira

One for the history books

Words cannot explain how AMAZING of an instructor Chris is. From his patience, to his skills every hour has been awesome.
He makes driving seem like the easiest thing in the world, doesn't apply too much pressure and always maintains good vibes and positive energy throughout every lesson. I can confidently say he is the best driving instructor in North/East London. I passed FIRST TIME thanks to Chris and now i'll ALWAYS BE DRIVING!

Gabriella Campbell

Couldn’t ask for anyone better

Honestly, the best instructor I have ever had, this guy was patient with me, from the beginning when I first started driving. I started of being terrified of the steering wheel, to now thinking I can drive one handed like a peice of cake! His crazy sayings like “Lets go make that history” and “that manoeuvre was peri per hot” will forever be stuck in my mind when I drive now!! Passed first time and i only did around 40 lessons! Would of never of done it, if it wasn’t for Chris!!

Shaimaa Zair


I've known Chris from when we used to work with each other at our previous job and i can say the mans integrity spans over the whole time i've known him. As a driving instructor Chris is sound. Ive been probably one of Chris' longest serving customers, since he first started instructing, booking lessons here and there but not consistently enough. Chris convinced me to book my test and was right about that. He gave energy, expertise and showed a lot of patience with me. When crunch time came Chris was there helping me out in any way he could. I definitely wouldn't have passed my driving test 1st time without the encouragement and professionalism of Chris and i'm happy to be his 9th Pass in-a-row.


5 Star Number 1 in NorthLondon

I recommend this place to all the Honeys and the Men out there who are tryna pass and Be a clean driver. My man Chris got me driving like Louis Hamilton at that Grand Prix. Smooth. Eloquent. Ohhhhhhhh my im telling you guys reading this review. Its no joke 5star. The car is easy to drive everything simple no hassle no rush. Cant rush perfection you feel me. Pricing whatever it is, its worth it.™

Nathaniel L Curtis

What a guy!!!

Chris has had nothing but patients and support with me . Always finds different ways to explain things . Very energetic, upbeat personality and "let's make history" attitude, which is what you look for in a instructor.
Definetly recommend him !!

Dawit Mehari

Outstanding and reliable

Very good instructor very good at time keeping and he is very reliable and professional. Would recommend this driving company to anyone who is looking to pass.

Passed first time.

nathaniel sesstein

Reliable, Punctual and Supportive

Chris is an amazing driving instructor.

I passed with Chris first time with one minor. Two days before the test I shivered in my boots but Chris was supportive and helped me to overcome my nervousness. You will always be driving when you pass with Chris.

Clyder Odinga

Doesn't get better than chris

It doesn't get better than chris when it comes to driving instructors. He makes everything seem so simple and lessons are never boring with his banter. He led me to success and now I will be always driving.


A First Class Instructor

I passed first time in fine style, thanks to Chris's friendly, professionally and calmly instructions. He thought me practically everything that I needed to know.

He boost my confidence and motivates me not only to pass my test but to also be a good driver.......... I definitely recommend Chris .......Alwaysdriving


The best instructor

Chris is by far the best driving instructor I have had. He is absolutely patient, supportive, understanding and makes you feel so comfortable. No matter how doubtful you maybe, his constant reassurance shows how much he truly believes in you. Not once did he ever give up on me despite being ready to give up on myself. His passion and confidence in me was the push I needed to keep goin. He was not only my teacher but a friend for life, made every lesson fun and enjoyable. Thank you so much Chris for everything.

Olubunmi Deborah asaba

Couldn't asked for another #INSTRUCTOR

First time pass, passed it one time with the help of Chris, we buss alot of jokes and that but when it's showtime "it's showtime" driving with Chris you don't have to worry about nothing, no worries or stressing.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone and everyone that's looking to learn how to drive.

Alex Hovern

Nobody better

Chris is one of the best instructors out there, very funny, patient and makes you feel comfortable with a car. He's very good at explaining how to do things and doesn't get frustrated when you do things wrong which helps a lot.

I highly recommend him!!

Nicole Freitas

Great instructor

Chris is a great instructor who can connect well with the student. He helps build confidence in driving and has high standards which match his high quality services. Thanks to Chris I passed the first time round with him



I came to Chris after having failed in Enfield and I passed first time round with him! He made me (a very shaky person) feel so confident when driving. Couldn't have done it without him and his jokes every lesson making me feel completely at ease! I definitely recommend him!

Isabella Freitas Gouveia

Great instructor

Chris is a great instructor; he made me feel relaxed and able to ask questions. He has very high standards and cares about important details that will help you to get a great pass. Chris is funny, calm and worked very hard with me so I could pass after bad experiences with other instructors. Thanks Chris!

Hayley Mckenzie-Sealy

An Excellent instructor!

I passed first time with Chris and I never thought I would have. Chris believed in me from the moment we met, he never ever gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself. He always kept positive with he's inspirational 'Ali' quotes, he's funny metaphors and always singing "always look on the bright side of life". He's a passionate, motivated, optimistic and an accomplished driving instructor. Unlike my other instructor Chris always took the holistic approach to driving ensuring, that 1-physically I was a good driver, as well as intellectually by ensuring I knew everything there was to know on the road and emotionally I was strong and kept believing. I would a 100% recommend Chris and remember with always driving you'll be always driving ?.

Shaniah Douglas

Hands down, the best!

Chris is the best instructor you could possibly have! You can be completely clueless and nervous at the start (as i was) but I can guarantee that you'll pass with him! Supportive, calm and patient making every lesson as informative as can be!
All I did was listen and the rest was history! If I can do it, anybody can! Highly recommend Chris - Always Driving, Always Passing

Thank you Chris for believing in me!

Test centre Wood Green

Shelley-Mae Beltran

Amazing driver!

I came to Chris just 2 weeks before my test after failing first time with my previous instructor.
He believed In me when I wasn't to sure myself and helped me improve on all my mistakes.
I can honestly say he was worth the money!
If your looking to pass go to Chris and you'll be sure to pass!!

Test centre wanstead


The BEST Instructor

Chris is an amazing instructor. Very patient, funny and down to earth. When I began taking lessons I was clueless and nervous about driving manual. Chris assisted in boosting my confidence in driving through endless motivation and expert guidance. Not only this but he has also provided me with a lot of helpful information and tips in driving that will be useful even after passing.

I would definitely recommend him to those looking for an instructor, especially beginners. Thank you so much Chris!

Always Driving, Always Passing!

Test centre Wood Green

Karissa White

AMAZING, worth every penny!!!!

Chris was an amazing instructor, and no matter what he always believed in me from the first day I ever sat on the drivers seat..

He never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up, he kept pushing me because he knew what I could achieve and I did.. He pushed me to pass and guess what I PASSED first go thanks to Chris.. I could have never done it with out him. He's a very calm and fun instructor and I recommend everyone to go with him because with him you will enjoy your lessons and pass!!

Test centre Wood Green

Jessica Andrade

Great Teacher

I came to Chris after having been away from learning to drive for a very long time. He was very patient and tailored lessons to my needs. A very encouraging instructor and I would definitely recommend!

Test centre wanstead

Alvin Bombo

Fantastic instructor!

Passed my test first time with Chris - professional, patient and a great instructor. I'll be recommending him to everyone I know!

Test centre Wood Green



Chris was an Amazing instructor!
He kept believing in me even when i doubted myself!
I can honestly he is worth every single penny!
He is very informative and patient!
I passed first go with Chris and I couldn't have chosen a better instructor!
I would definitely recommend every to go with him!!!
Ps - i would just like to thank you Chris for believing in me and pushing me to do my best! THANK YOU!

Test centre Wood Green

Stephanie Andrade

Top Quality!!!

I came to Chris believing I was ready for my test and didn't need lessons but this could not have been further from the truth. Chris could have let me fail, which would have no doubt meant more money for him, but instead he patiently demonstrated the errors in my thinking and driving and got me up to scratch in no time. He is very professional and is an expert at what he does. Chris made the whole experience a joy and I would and have already recommended his services to friends and family.

Test centre Chingford 


Worth every penny!

Chris is a great instructor. He is clear, patient and informative. i was recommend to use Chris's services, and I can honestly see why, the lengthens he went to prepare me ensured failure was not an option.

I would happily recommend Chris. And if you're looking at this testimony. Trust me, just call him and you will pass!

Passed first time !!!

Test centre: wanstead


Smooth sailing

Chris is brilliant.
Throughout lessons I felt encouraged, he helped me every step of the way. His teaching style was very positive at all times. Driving was fun, never a dull moment. Instructions were clear and his acronyms and abbreviation are going to stick with me all the way. I would Highly recommend always driving to anyone and everyone.
Thanks Chris.

Test centre: wanstead


Learning process easy and enjoyable

Chris made me feel confident from day one in the driving seat.

His teaching style is a great combination of practical tips, encouragement and a few jokes along the way, all of which made the learning process easy and enjoyable.

Chris never let me doubt myself and I passed my test first time! I know my skills and knowledge that I learnt with Chris will stand me well.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone in the area.

Test centre: wanstead


A dedicated instructor

Chris is a great instructor. He's clear, informative and very patient. He does very well to put you at ease and build your confidence on the road. When it comes to the test, you're more than ready.

Test centre Wood Green


Went the extra mile to get me to pass.

Chris was a great instructor very patient and allowed me to learn at my own pace. He was punctual and went the extra mile to get me to pass. Thanks for your help Chris.

Test centre Wood green



I had a great time learning to drive with Chris as my instructor. Every lesson was fun and I was always greeted with a big smile and bags of enthusiasm. I was made to feel at ease right away and even when I made an error he would correct me without damaging my confidence.

Listen out for his classic metaphors such as 'you're driving like crunchy peanut butter, we need you more like smooth'

But Chris was serious when needed be. he drilled in P.A.A.M into my head and it worked wonders as I passed first time with him ( to find out what that it stands for you'll have to book up with Chris)


Test centre Chingford


Very good instructor

Chris has been an inspirational driving instructor and offered me all the tips I needed to pass for my driving test. On the day of the test, he explained more technical mistakes that I could avoid and helped to rehearse one round around barking to refresh my memories of the roads and picked up few things I needed to focus on the test. I will highly recommend Chris as your driving instructor because he is patient, polite and punctual.


Fantastic instructor !!

Just want to say a big thank you to Chris, He is a great instructor, has a lot of pacience, punctual & when he knows his students have potential he'll do the best and impossible to help you passs! He is the man!! I passed second time but he knew i had the potential and never gave up. As well as an instructor he became a friend! Thanks chris i wish you all best for the future & whoever reads this you should defintely without hesitation give him a call, you won't regret it :D.

Test Centre: Chingford


Fantastic Instructor

Chris is a fantastic instructor who led me to pass first time! He's very patient, always punctual and manages to make the lessons fun whilst being clear on what you need to focus on. I would recommended him for anyone looking to learn or refresh their skills.

Test Centre: Chingford


Always Always Driving

Chris at Always Driving has been absolutely amazing right from lesson one. He's incredibly patient and measured with his teaching as well as being accommodating, punctual, reliable, helpful and friendly. I could not have asked for anything more in an instructor and cannot recommend more highly.

Test centre Wood green


Fantastic instruction, highly recommended!

Chris is a fantastic instructor- I learnt to drive late as I was nervous and kept putting it off. Chris was incredibly patient, he built my confidence- I really appreciated his relaxed and friendly style.

Chris tailored lessons and coaching technique according to my needs to help me overcome my weaknesses.

Even if i felt rubbish he would always bring great energy to our lessons. I passed with two minors. Thank you!!

Test Centre: Chingford


Passed first time with 1 minor !!!

Chris is a great instructor, I passed first time with one minor. He's got a brilliant relaxed manner and makes you feel confident in your abilities, he's not dull or robotic and takes all the stress out of learning. I would 100% reccomend him to anyone wanting to learn.

Test centre Wood green

Tom C

Like a friend

Driving lessons with Chris are always enjoyable, not to mention his great instructing skills. He's able to get his point across without making you worry or feel insecure and his help and willingness is not to be taken for granted. He was like my friend in the car.

Test Centre: Chingford



Firstly, I would like to thank Chris so much for everything he has done! Chris identified my weakness and helped me to overcome them, unlike the previous instructor that I had. My only regret is I was not introduced to him earlier.

Test centre: wanstead

Emmanuel O

Every quote is a 100 % Accurate

If u want results speak to the man himself , 100% he will give u the key to succeed, Passed with 1 minor.

Test centre: Chingford



Enjoyed my lessons with Chris, he's quality, Passed first time !!!

Chris is a very good instructor, broke things down to me as a learner to make things easier. Taught me how to be a safe driver and helped me pass with only 3 faults. I recommend him 100% nice one brother!

Test center: Wood green

Jay G

Very happy, Passed first time.

Chris was great at helping me build my confidence towards the exam. He has been always patient but rigorous at the same time. I strongly recommend him to any beginner.
Thanks Chris!

Test center: Wood green


I passed!

Chris is a great driving instructor; he is patient and helped me to build my confidence to pass my test. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.
Thanks for everything!

Test center: Wood green


Amazing instructor, amazing experience!

Chris is the most amazing driving instructor I have ever met. I can honestly say that he made my experience learning to drive so fun and exciting! Chris was so persistent, always knew exactly what I needed help on, was always on time, but also flexible when I needed him to be. I count myself lucky that Chris was my driving instructor I don't think anybody else could have done a better job. He was always patient with me, even when I made silly mistakes and it really takes someone with empathy to be able to do that! I'm so thankful to Chris for all he has done for me, and it's sad to know I probably won't see him again. I did an intensive course so I was with Chris everyday, and he did become more like a friend to me 🙂 Thankyou so much chris, I'll never forget you!

Test Centre Goodmayes


Smashed it!

Started learning in the dark and rain but Chris immediately put me at ease. Clear instruction from the basics all the way to perfecting my driving and getting me ready to pass my test. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor! Cheers buddy. Peace.

Test centre: Loughton


Reliable, friendly, Excellent value for money.

I learned with Chris for 8 weeks and he was the best instructor I have ever come across, he made me feel relaxed and has brilliant patience, if anyone is looking to get their licence Chris is the man to do it with. Me and my partner both had our licence within 8 weeks of joining always driving and passed with no faults. Thank u again Chris 🙂
Christine and Elijah 🙂


Test centre: wanstead


Just do it - great instructor

Great experience, made all the more fun by an engaged, empathetic instructor Chris who's on your side to pass the test - on first try. Worth every penny - thank you.


Test centre: wanstead


Great company,Good patience

This is a great company which was very supportive in me going for my test. I had every confidence in my instructor. Chris programmed me well and always made me feel comfortable.

Test centre: Chingford


Very enjoyable. Took the stress out of learning how to drive!

Enjoyed learning with Chris. No matter your ability he will adapt to your learning style. Would definitely recommend to others. Cheers mate!

Test center: Wood green


Passed driving test with no faults 

Thanks Chris am so over the moon after passing my driving test with no faults.

Test centre: Loughton


Quality instructor

Chris helped in every way he could, fitting me in at short notice. Very calm and at ease throughout. Passed first time!

Test centre: wanstead


Chris is a brilliant tutor!

Really enjoyed learning with Chris, he made the whole process less intimidating and manages to make you feel relaxed and in control. Great communication when booking lessons and made sacrifices to his personal time to fit lessons in before my test.

Many thanks for training me up!

Test centre: wanstead


Passed my driving test

Chris stepped in at last minute to help me pass my driving test. Thanks!

Test center: Wood green


I am delighted to give my driving instructor 'Chris B' a feed back

for teaching and taking me true all the basic principles to become a safe driver and to enable me pass my test at ease. Chris is polite, encouraging and teach according to how he drives. Moreover I would greatly recommend Chris to anyone else who wants to be a safe driver for life.

Test center: Wood green


Patient and great at building confidence

Chris was patient and great at building confidence, I'm happy to recommend him to any other learner. Also I found his Clio was easier to drive than another instructors' Micra. Thanks again!

Test centre: wanstead


I would highly recommend

Chris has been a wonderful driving instructor. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone as he is friendly, bubbly and very patient. My lessons with him were very productive, I learnt a lot in a short space of time and passed first time because of his amazing guidance. He was very reassuring whenever I lost confidence or felt anxious. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! Thank you!

Test centre: Barnet


swift pass result, recommendable driving instructor

I used Chris the driving instructor for a just 3 weeks and was able to pass my test, after building up my road confidence with him. He's a great and motivational driving instructor. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Test centre: Chingford

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