Learn To Drive

Assessment Lesson

If you have driven a motor vehicle previously, and feel that you are not at a beginner’s level, then we recommend a Assessment lesson.

This assessment will last approximately 30 minutes. You will be asked to drive and carry out various exercises. When this is complete, your driving instructor will be able to tell you the exact areas in your driving that needs improving.

The remainder of the lesson will be used to improve on those areas. Your driving instructor will then be assessing how well you respond to instruction

Beginners Lesson

As a complete novice learner you will no doubt be a little nervous, excited and a bit anxious. But don’t be. Just remember that everyone on the road today has had a first driving lesson at some point.

We will teach you at your own pace, no matter how slow you might want to take it. This will allow your confidence to grow as your ability develops

Intensive Course

Do you want to pass your test sooner rather than later? Would you like be a full licence holder within 7 days. If so, our intensive courses are for you. Our intensive courses allows you take a course of driving lessons at an accelerated rate. We will provide you with an experienced driving instructor, who will able to help you gain the necessary skills, to become a safe driver and pass the driving test. How intensive your driving course will be is up to you. It could be a 4 week course right down to a 1 week course. Choosing the right intensive course for you depends on your experience, finances and time constraints